UNICEF releases Iraq monthly humanitarian situation report, March 2018



The United Nations Children's Fund, UNICEF, has released its latest report on the humanitarian situation in Iraq in the month of March.

In March, Rapid Response Mechanism (RRM) Consortium partners reached 8,955 individuals across five governorates, including 4,836 children, ensuring provision of immediate supplies to highly at-risk families.

UNICEF said in its release that “Through government and NGO partners, as of March, UNICEF had supported 5,490 pregnant women and new mothers to attend health promotion sessions about Infant and Young Child Feeding counselling practices, and 39,899 children 6-59 months (20,348 girls) were screened for nutritional status.”

Between January and March, UNICEF has delivered teaching and learning supplies for 63,514 children (25,569 girls) and supported access to psychosocial services (PSS) for 56,706 children (26,651 girls), and access to specialised services for a total of 4,751 children (2,152 girls).



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