Nigerian police attack peaceful 'Free Zakzaky Protest' in Kaduna, 2 Shia martyred


The Kaduna state command of the Nigeria Police Force has, for the second day, been attacking thousands of people that carried out a peaceful Free Zakzaky procession in the heart of the capital city.  Two people were shot martyred and over 40 others sustained various degrees of injury following indiscriminate shooting of live ammunition at the protestors. So many others were arrested by the rampaging policemen.  On 20th of June, the police had similarly attacked the protestors injuring close to 40 people and arresting some more. There were no deaths recorded, unlike Thursday that the police poured all their venomous hate against members of the Movement.  To cover their shame, the police public relations officer (PPRO) hurriedly issued a press statement, alleging that members of the Shia community were armed with guns, knives and IEDs.   However, video evidence of the procession clearly showed a completely unarmed protesters.  At the end of Thursday’s brutal attack, the police again alleged that a policeman was killed. The Shia community has clearly denied involvement in violence and the police allegations.



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