Car rams into Shia congregation outside London mosque, investigation underway



At least two Shias were injured when a car crashed into a crowd of Shia Muslims outside a mosque in Cricklewood, northwest London on Wednesday. 

Reports said the car swerved and mounted a pavement before it made its way to the pedestrians who were leaving a mourning ceremony that was held at the Husseini Balaghiya Association in Oxgate Lane.

The driver, drove off following the incident, was currently being hunted down by the police. Some eyewitnesses said the perpetrators were heard shouting anti-Shia slogans before they rammed into the crowd.

According to a Scotland Yard spokesperson, there were three males and a woman in their mid-20s inside the car. They were asked to leave a private park, after which they drove to Oxgate Lane.

The Metropolitan Police are investigating the incident in order to reach a clear stance on the motives.

The injured were rushed to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries, according to reports.


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