Germany to host ‘Abu-al-Fadhl Abbas cultural week


Al-Abbas holy shrine plans to hold a cultural week named “Abu-al-Fadhl Abbas, peace be upon him,” in several cities in Germany.

According to Kafeel website, the program will be organized on the occasion of the martyrdom anniversary of Imam Sajjad, peace be upon him, the fourth infallible Imam, in the cities of Berlin, Frankfurt and Gottingen.

Seyyed Ahmad Radhi Husseini, representative of the shrine in Europe, said that the cultural week is a part of the Shrine’s activities abroad.

A three-day conference at Gottingen University to discuss “the cooperation of the shrine and the university for teaching Islamic sciences” will be among the programs of the week.

The themes of the conference will include moderation, peaceful coexistence, and interfaith dialogue.

The Iraqi official said that the services provided by the shrine to pilgrims and different groups of Iraqi people will be introduced during the week in Germany.



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