Amsterdam police investigating death threats against mosque


The Amsterdam police are investigating a video in which a spokesperson for the Nasr mosque in Amsterdam-Oost is threatened with death.

The threat is related to the mosque's refusal to say a death prayer for suspected Dutch terrorist Sara L., who died with her daughter in a bombardment in the Syrian city of Hajin last month, AT5 reported.

According to AT5, the video contains shocking images of bombing victims. The threat is made in texts accompanying the images. "While our brothers and sisters are being slaughtered in Hajin, Syria, the least we can do in the Netherlands is show respect for our martyrs, for our sister Sara Umm Khawla and her daughter Kahwla", is said in the video.

Sarah L.'s family, who asked the mosque to say the death prayer for their daughter, distanced themselves from the video, according to the broadcaster.

The threatened spokesperson told AT5 that he finds the video extremely distasteful and that the video is based on incorrect assumptions. The Nasr mosque was unreachable for comment, according to the broadcaster.



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