Nigel Farage leaves UKIP over anti-Muslim stances


Former UK Independence Party (UKIP) leader Nigel Farage announced his resignation from the right-wing party after 25 years over its anti-Muslim positions.

Farage handed in his notice on Tuesday and said the party had become unrecognizable due to its “obsession” with the anti-Muslim policies under current leader, Gerard Batten.

“And I – with a very heavy heart, given how much I’ve cared for this party, the people within it – have reached, I think, a very sad decision, certainly very sad for me, that I simply can’t go on with it,” Farage said on a radio show.

Farage played a key role in leading the successful "Brexit" push for the UK to leave the European Union, but he has become critical of UKIP since he stepped down from leadership.


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