Shia community in Europe stood in solidarity with butchered Shia child


Dozens of members of the Shia community took part in a vigil at the Marble Arg Square in central London, denouncing the murder of Saudi Shia boy Zakaria al-Jaber in Medina by a Wahhabi man.

The protesters denounced the heinous crime against the child Zakaria al-Jaber, demanding the Saudi authorities to bring the perpetrator to justice to take his fair punishment for the guilt committed against the butchered child.

Earlier this week, Imam Hussein Media Group called on the Shia community in Europe to protest against the murder of the Saudi Shia child Zakaria al-Jaber, demanding that the Shia community and human rights activists take part in the vigil and condemn all acts of hatred and violence against Shias across the world.

It is noteworthy that several days after the incident, Saudi authorities have not yet found the killer or revealed any other details associated to this crime.



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