Egypt to remove books of Ibn Taymiyyah, Ibn Baz and Ibn Uthaymeen from all mosques


The Egyptian Ministry of Religious Endowments have launched a campaign to remove the books of “scholars” that belong to the Salafi movement from all mosques in Egypt. 

Names of “scholars” whose books are to be removed or confiscated:- 

– Muhammad Ibn Abdul Wahhab 

– Ibn Taymiyyah 

– Ibn Baz 

– Ibn Uthaymeen 

– Abu Ishaq al-Huweini 

– Mohamed Hussein Yacoub 

– Mohammed Hassan 

They have already confiscated 7000 books and CDs from mosque libraries in Cairo, Alexandria and Giza.  

The ministry’s department is currently launching an inspection campaign on mosques and libraries in all provinces, to make sure they are free of any books and media calling for “militancy and extremism”.

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