700-year-old mosque restored in Turkey’s Antalya


A 700-year-old mosque has been restored in southern Turkey's Antalya province after excavations unearthed the pieces of the structure dating back to the Anatolian beyliks' rule in the region. Excavation and restoration work on the Alaaddin Mosque, built in the 14th century upon the order of Alaaddin Bey of the Karamanoğlu Beylik in the Korkuteli district, was initially started 15 years ago after fires destroyed the mosque years earlier.

The minaret of the mosque was constructed upon the order of Ottoman Sultan Ahmed I's grand vizier Murad Pasha.

Excavations carried out in the area revealed the buried parts of the mosque. 

Chairman of the Directorate Hüseyin Coşar told Anadolu Agency that the mosque has been restored completely in accordance with its original design, adding that the project took a long time due to the delicate work needed to excavate the mosque's parts.

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