At least 10 people killed in car bomb blast in Somali capital




At least 10 people were killed and several others wounded, when a car bomb blast targeted a security checkpoint, in Somali capital Mogadishu on Monday morning, local media reported. 


“The explosion took place at KM4 area in Mogadishu” Goobjoog News, a local radio and TV station reported after the attack. 


Talking to Anadolu Agency, Aamin Ambulance Service Chief Abdukadir Aden confirmed the attack. But did not confirm the number of casualties caused by the car bomb blast. 


An eyewitness Ahmed Ali Hassan, 31, told Anadolu Agency that the car, hit the security checkpoint on the road, leading to Adan Adde international airport in Mogadishu. 


“I was at my shop, close to the checkpoint, I saw a car parking near the checkpoint and then minutes later it exploded. I saw dead people laying on the ground,” Hassan said. 


No group has yet claimed responsibility, for the attack.

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