Proposal to ban the headscarf in secondary schools in Austria

Former Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kors has proposed a ban on headscarves in high schools as part of his promises to the next general election due on September 29.

Kors, known for his anti-Islam and pro-Islamophobic stances, has vowed to ban the headscarf in high schools, whether for female students or teachers, if he wins the election.

According to opinion polls, the Kors party is likely to get 35% of the votes, which qualifies him to form a coalition government.

The proposal came days after the Ministry of Education activated a circular to implement the ban on wearing the headscarf in whole or in part in primary schools, and activate judicial procedures against violators of students and teachers.

Kors' proposal was challenged by a number of civil society workers.

"Freedom of religion is restricted by the laws of the country, and the headscarf ban is unacceptable," said Umit Farol, president of Austria's Muslim Organization. "The hijab is a religious obligation on every Muslim woman and cannot be part of any political debate."


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