56 organizations call on Berlin to stop arms exports to the Saudi coalition

More than 56 civil organizations in Germany have called on the federal government to stop arms exports to the Saudi coalition against Yemen.

In a statement published by the Civil Alliance in Germany last Thursday, the ban should remain in force as long as these countries remain engaged in the war on Yemen, or there is a risk that German military equipment could contribute to violations of human rights or international law.

The German news agency DPA quoted these organizations as demanding the cancellation of current exceptions for the supply of German military components in the framework of joint ventures.

A coalition of 56 civil society organizations in Germany appealed to the Berlin government to halt exports of military hardware to all member states of the Saudi-led coalition against Yemen, once and for all.

It is noteworthy that civil organizations accuse the military alliance led by Saudi Arabia to violate human rights and that it has killed many civilians in Yemen, especially children.


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