Yemen calls for the establishment of an international commission of inquiry on the Saudi crimes against civilians

The Yemeni Ministry of Human Rights condemned the continued crimes of the Saudi coalition against civilian children, women and seniors in the country, calling for the establishment of an international commission of inquiry on the crimes.

In a statement, the ministry condemned the indiscriminate and direct military operations of the Saudi army and its mercenaries on houses, communities, refugee camps, displaced persons and migrants in various Yemeni governorates, especially Hodeidah and Sa'ada.

The statement pointed to the horrific crime committed by the Saudi army when artillery shells were fired on gatherings of African migrants in the slum area of Manbouh district in Sa'ada last Wednesday, killing 10 people and injuring 22 others, including women, a week after committing a similar massacre killing 45 migrants. 

The Ministry held the international community, especially the United Nations and the Security and Human Rights Councils, fully responsible for the crimes committed by the coalition against citizens and civilians under international protection.

It reiterated its call to the United Nations and the Security Council to maintain international peace and security from any threats, and to activate the provisions on respect for national sovereignty and diplomatic relations between States and to stop all forms of aggression and systematic blockade.


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