Washington Post reveals new documents with misleading statements confirming the failure of the US war in Afghanistan

New documents obtained by the Washington Post newspaper revealed a blatant form of error and failure in the American effort to calm and rebuild Afghanistan.

The newspaper said in a lengthy report, that the documents, consisting of thousands of pages, which dealt with the war in Afghanistan in detail, clearly revealed defects and catastrophic failure of the American forces, in the words of prominent American officials who had stated earlier that the mission was successful.

The report added that the documents showed that, after a quick and short-term US military victory over the Taliban and Al-Qaeda terror in early 2002, and with the Pentagon's focus shifting to Iraq, the US military's effort in Afghanistan became disorganized, as a small number of American forces carried out an unclear mission.

Since 2001, more than 2,200 American soldiers have been killed in Afghanistan, along with hundreds of members of allied countries that have contributed troops to the war.

The war has cost the United States nearly $ 1 trillion.

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