Australian bushfires flare again

Australia’s bushfires flared again in the vicinity of the Australian capital, Canberra, near the city's airport, prompting residents to flee the area.

After a few calm days, temperatures rose sharply, causing a number of uncontrolled fires in the southeast of the country.

The authorities closed the roads and asked the residents to leave or stay away from the outskirts of the east of the capital, while pictures posted on social media showed gray smoke billowing over the suburbs, while there were no reports of human injuries or material damage.

Australia's wildfires have killed 29 people since September, killed one billion animals and burned 2,500 homes.

The Husseiniya of al-Yaseen, peace be upon them, affiliated with the Shirazi Religious Authority, in the Australian city of Sydney, has launched a campaign to collect donations and food aid for the fire victims in the country.


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