Amnesty International: Deal of the Century is against international law and entrenches discrimination against Palestinians

Amnesty International confirmed that the century deal announced by US President Donald Trump yesterday contravenes international law and entrenches a situation in which Palestinians are deprived of their fundamental rights.

"Although the Trump administration has emphasized in its deal the principle of land exchange, there is no doubt that it is proposing the annexation of Palestinian lands, which would be a flagrant violation of international humanitarian law," said Philip Lutter, head of Amnesty International programs in the Middle East and North Africa.

During half a century of occupation, Israel imposed under its control a system of legal discrimination against the Palestinians, depriving them of their basic rights and obtaining effective means of legal protection because of their violations, and the deal in practice would mean asserting this rude and illegal policy.

The organization called on the international community to reject measures that contravene international law that were included in the so-called deal of the century proposed by Donald Trump.


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