Nonviolence Organization calls for support to radio stations aimed at spreading the culture of tolerance, nonviolence and peace


The International Nonviolence Organization Free Muslim called, on World Radio Day, to support radio stations aimed at spreading the culture of tolerance, nonviolence and peace.

A statement issued by the organization said, "The international community has dedicated the thirteenth of February of each year as a special day to celebrate broadcasting, as it is one of the most vital human sectors that have contributed to the service of humanity significantly since the invention of this medium in the late nineteenth century."

The statement added, "Since during the past decades, broadcasters played a pivotal role, and broadcasts were a bridge for communication between individuals, societies and nations, as well as being cultural gateways between peoples, to which ethics, cultures and news are transmitted, and contributing to delivering intercontinental messages quickly, securely and at the lowest cost. "

The statement continued, "Over the period of its invention, radio broadcasts contributed to a lot of humanitarian affairs and had a role in preventing the world from some disasters and tribulations.”

On this occasion, the organization called on all owners of cultural institutions aimed at spreading the culture of the Ahl al-Bayt School, peace be upon them, as well as owners of charitable projects and Husseiniyahs to establish or support radio stations aimed at spreading a culture of tolerance, non-violence and peace, especially in countries of the Middle East where workers in the press and media suffer from harassment, persecution, and punishment due to the free word.

The organization thanked the Al-Shirazi School, which was the first in the world in supporting targeted broadcasters in various countries of the world.


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