World Nonviolence Organization calls on the United Nations to reduce the tension of Greece and Turkey

The World Non-Violence Organization Free Muslim called on the United Nations intervene directly to reduce the political conflicts taking place between Turkey and Greece at the expense of the lives and security of civilians fleeing war zones, blaming the two countries for the consequences of the disregard for the safety of refugees on both sides of the border.

A statement of the organization said, "As it was noticed from the high frequency of armed clashes in northern Syria, Turkey has cast the fate of thousands of refugees on its soil into an exposed political game aimed at pressuring European countries and achieving suspicious goals, while Greece's treatment did not rise to the level of assumed humanitarian and legal responsibility in dealing with victims of this conflict.”

It added, "The organization has monitored unprecedented violations against refugees, sometimes raising a level of flagrant crimes that violate international agreements on refugees."

The statement stressed the necessity to spare civilians the scourge of war, as stipulated in international agreements, and to compel violating countries to treaties agreed upon by the international community.


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