Terrorist plot to target Iraqi forces in Salah al-Din thwarted


A force of the 41st Brigade, along with the PMU and security forces, thwarted a terrorist plot to target the headquarters of the Popular Mobilization Units and Security forces in Salah al-Din.

In a statement, Brigade official Major General Qassim al-Gareiti said that the intelligence of the 41st Brigade and the Federal Police had identified a hideout of ISIS in Tal Al-Dhahab in Yathrib district in Salah al-Din province.

Al-Gareiti said that the combined force raided the hideout and found a large ISIS plot to target the headquarters of the PMU and security forces in Salah al-Din.

He added that the joint force arrested five terrorists who were inside, seeking to implement this plot, in addition to confiscating explosive devices and weapons of various types.


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