Austria: Muslim communities meet the needs of the elderly

The Muslim community in Austria is making a significant contribution in its solidarity and cooperation with the Austrian authorities in combating coronavirus.

The General Coordinator of the Islamic Union in the city of Linz, Arjan Sari, said they have launched a campaign in the name of "Helping Neighbors", working to provide assistance and meet the needs of the elderly in the city during the curfew imposed due to the pandemic.

He added that they started their campaign with the Austrian authorities taking measures to reduce the spread of the virus, noting that they provide food, treatment and the needs of the elderly and the sick.

He emphasized that their services are provided to all those in need in society regardless of color, race, religion or origin.

Meanwhile, the Islamic Group in Austria, which represents about 800 thousand of the Muslim community, is ready to provide more than 300 of its facilities from schools and centers to use for the care of patients in emergency situations.


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