Free Muslim calls on international community to suspend economic sanctions on countries affected by coronavirus

The World Nonviolence Organization Free Muslim has called on the international community to suspend economic sanctions on countries affected by the emerging coronavirus pandemic.

"With the outbreak of coronavirus and hundreds of thousands of people falling victim to the infection, another challenge posed to the international community is the continued economic sanctions that limit the ability of the affected countries to import health equipment to treat the infected, such as Iran, Syria, Korea and other countries subject to the international or unilateral sanctions law," the organization said in a statement.

It added, "As it turned out, those sanctions contributed greatly to obstructing international efforts to address the pandemic, which requires immediate review and a unified decision to suspend all international sanctions imposed until further notice, in order to consolidate the insistence of joint cooperation between states and governments in facing the current crisis."

The organization appealed to all governments and international bodies to meet this requirement during the current period due to the global situation, and the serious repercussions of the pandemic on all humanity, especially the countries that clearly suffer from a shortage of medical supplies necessary to counter the virus.

The organization also pointed out that humanity faces an existential challenge unprecedented in modern history that requires the removal of all existing political differences.


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