European MP condemns death sentences issued in Bahrain

European Parliament Member Nacho Sanchez Amro called for a review of all death sentences issued in Bahrain.

"The European Union has strongly condemned the large number of death sentences in Bahrain and called for all cases to be reviewed in line with international standards," Sanchez said in a tweet on Twitter.

The MP warned that the lives of people on death row in Bahrain are at risk, saying: "Since June 15, Zuhair Abdullah and Hussein Rashid are at imminent risk of execution in Bahrain."

It is noteworthy that the ruling authorities in Bahrain have escalated their death sentences against Bahraini activists since the outbreak of the February 14 revolution.

Today, nearly ten people are at risk of death sentences, including Muhammad Ramadan and Hussein Musa, whose case the Court of Cassation is considering early next week in their pride in action before the verdict acquired a degree of peremptory status.


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