Title Published Date
Three Afghan Taliban leaders arrested 16 October 2016
Saudi Arabia passes 'grim watershed' as it executes 100th person this year 31 July 2016
Various activities by the representatives of the Grand Ayatollah Seyyed Sadiq Husseini Shirazi 20 July 2016
Contributions of seven donors reach needy people through Jannat Ahl al-Bayt Foundation 11 July 2016
Largest Quran teaching center in Senegal with 3500 Quran memorizers and 450 students 03 May 2016
Concern after suspected ISIS agents visit Durban school 27 April 2016
Boko Haram reportedly demands $50million for the release of 219 Chibok schoolgirls 17 April 2016
Quran educational course held in Comoro Islands 17 April 2016
Hussein Renaissance French Magazine in Mali 04 April 2016
Ghanaian 'Archbishop' Begs Muslims for Forgiveness 23 March 2016
Three police officers killed in car bomb explosion in Somali capital 11 March 2016
Kenya Police arrest four men trying to join ISIS (ISIS in Africa) 11 March 2016
South Africa: Scholars discuss Islamic heritage in region 08 March 2016
Sheikh Abdul Redha Ma'ash visits religious centers in Tanzania 07 February 2016
Uganda probes 1979 Muslims massacre 18 January 2016
Islamic studies course held in Zimbabwe 12 January 2016
Copy of Holy Quran survives fire in Ghana 11 January 2016
Gambia government employees need to wear Hijab 06 January 2016
Who Is Hussain's Arbaeen launches its campaigns in Mauritius Islandand Zambia 08 December 2015
Shias of Gabon and Zambia hold Muharram mourning ceremony 17 October 2015

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