Title Published Date
Ban Wahhabism Campaign in Washington D.C. 02 March 2016
Milwaukee Muslim leader takes ‘True Islam’ campaign to D.C. to fight extremism 01 March 2016
Nebraska bank denies entry to Muslim woman for wearing Hijab 25 February 2016
Teen suspended for wearing Islamic headscarf at work 23 February 2016
Sister of murdered Muslim calls on Trump for a chat about Islam 23 February 2016
Trump hails torture and mass killings in his speech in South Carolina 22 February 2016
Harvard launches free online class to promote religious literacy 20 February 2016
Protests in Missouri against the spread of Islamophobia 20 February 2016
A veiled Muslim woman punched in the face inAlabama 18 February 2016
Indiana City touts support of local Muslims 11 February 2016
Women’s group aims to educate about Islam 11 February 2016
Islamic art in spotlight in ‘Language of the Quran’ 07 February 2016
University of Iowa gives Muslim students prayer space 07 February 2016
The Independent warns of Saudi Arabia sending ground forces into Syria 07 February 2016
Free Muslim: Arm deals with tyrant regimes result in killing hundreds of civilians 07 February 2016
Historic Quran show to open in US capital 03 February 2016
US Mosque in Virginia opens its door to community 03 February 2016
Department of Imam Ali opened in US university 27 January 2016
Shia Rights Watch releases January's report on violations against Shias around the world 27 January 2016
Muslims donate 30,000 bottles of water to Flint in Michigan, during water crisis 19 January 2016


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