Title Published Date
American Shia Muslim revert: Pleasure of presence at Imam Redha shrine is unique 26 July 2016
Muslim volunteer group distributes Qurans in Chicago 21 July 2016
Islamophobic content injected into California school books 17 July 2016
ISIS confirms death of top commander Omar al-Shishani 17 July 2016
Two Muslim teens beaten outside New York mosque 06 July 2016
US Airstrikes Accidentally Kill Afghan Hostages 30 June 2016
Muslim Group Invites Islamophobic Congressman to Dinner 28 June 2016
San Diego Muslims host ‘breaking of the fast’ for Ramadan 28 June 2016
Army Reserve Major Threatened Mosque Members with Bacon, Gun 14 June 2016
68% of Americans think US should stop supporting Saudi Arabia 09 June 2016
Philadelphia schools add two Muslim holidays 04 June 2016
US Senate passes bill against Saudi sponsors of terrorism 24 May 2016
US drone strike in Pakistan kills Taliban leader Mullah Mansoor 24 May 2016
Anti-Islamberg motorcycle rally fizzles as hundreds turn out to support Catskills Muslims 24 May 2016
US Muslim woman sues police for removing her headscarf 10 May 2016
Muslims Fight Hunger in Alabama 03 May 2016
State’s ‘Muslim Day at the Capitol’ draws 600 Muslims 03 May 2016
Windsor teacher threatened for wearing a hijab 21 April 2016
Historic Shia Chair Celebrated at Inauguration Banquet 17 April 2016
Texas Teacher Calls Muslim Student a "Terrorist" 06 April 2016


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