Title Published Date
Austria condemns rising attacks on Muslims 09 October 2014
Quranic course for children underway in Norway 09 October 2014
1st magazine for Muslim women published in Belgium (Brussels- Belgium) 25 September 2014
Austria plans "standardized" translation of Holy Quran (Austria) 25 September 2014
A Mosque in Denmark expresses support for IS terrorists 07 September 2014
Norway Muslims take to capital's streets to protest 03 September 2014
Mohammad, most popular name in Oslo 02 September 2014
Exhibition on 99 Names of Allah Opened in Kazan 02 September 2014
Shia studies to be part of academic curriculum in Sweden 02 September 2014
1st Islamic Theology School opened in Scandinavia 28 August 2014
Quran interpretation sessions held in Norway 28 August 2014
Muslim engineer banned from French Nuclear Plants 28 August 2014
French politician criticized over Hijab smear 28 August 2014
British female terrorist vows to be 1st female executioner 26 August 2014
Shia community in Sweden nominates its representative in the upcoming parliamentary elections 26 August 2014
British women fight racism with Hijab 26 August 2014
Germans do not see Islam part of Society 18 August 2014
Pro ISIL terrorists hand out leaflets of allegiance to ISIL in London. 18 August 2014
Quranic Arabic Corpus, an effort to provide a linguistic resource for researchers 18 August 2014
Dutch exhibit explores new Muslims' life 26 July 2014

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